Selection the sand making machine based on material characteristics

di: sweetlove
15 maggio 2018
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Sand making machine is a special equipment for the production of sand and stone in sand and stone production line. The sand making machine is mainly used for the processing of sand and stone materials such as building materials. It provides a good guarantee for the building sand. With the development of the times, there are more and more models of sand making machines.

The increasingly perfect production equipment model of sand making machine makes many users unable to choose the machine equipment suitable for their own sand making machine. Here, the selection of the general user sand making machine should be chosen according to the processed materials.

In the processing of sand and gravel, it should be noted that if the local raw material content or humidity can not be too large, it will cause a certain damage to the sand making machine. If the mud content is high, the sand washing machine is used to carry out simple cleaning and screening of sand and stone.

In addition, the sand making machine also has certain requirements for the properties of material, grain type and grain grade. If the material is too thin or too large, it is easy to make the material uneven and cause the image of the material.