Rapid Development of Grinding Mill

di: sweetlove
26 luglio 2018
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Grinding mill is a device that processes materials to a certain degree of fineness. Grinding Mill can be divided into ultrafine grinding, fine grinding and coarse grinding according to the fineness of the material and the fineness of the material. It is suitable for the grinding of mineral products in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mine. According to the different working principle and structure of the mill, the common grinding equipment has vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, ultrafine mill and so on, users can choose flexibly according to the different demand of production and fineness.

The whole equipment of the grinding mill consists of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibration feeder, micro powder mill, variable frequency grader, double cyclone dust collector, pulse duster system, high pressure fan, air compressor and electrical control system. The whole pulverizer integrates crushing, grinding, lifting, dust removal and packaging. . The automatic design of the mill can save a considerable part of manpower for the enterprise. At the same time, the factory has a full set of equipment samples for customers to visit, and the relevant technical personnel for you to do a detailed introduction.

The fineness of the grinding mill can be adjusted arbitrarily between 250-3000. The output of the equipment can be provided to the customer at 0.7-12 tons per hour because of the different size of the equipment. And for the quality control of the milling machine, the mill manufacturer has very strict requirements. The service life of the pulverizer can be greatly exceeded under the premise of the daily maintenance work of the enterprise customers with the grinding machine.

Besides, the abrasion resistant parts of the grinding mill produced by the mill manufacturer are very hard and wear-resistant material, but in the day after day and in the year after year, the good wear resistant material is also offset by excessive use, so even if changing the vulnerable parts, it is a point that the enterprise must do in the daily maintenance work. So the mill manufacturer recommends that the enterprise change the damaged parts regularly and regularly, and can also effectively reduce the energy consumption and prolong the service life of the machine, even if the lubricating oil is replaced.