Lining Board is an Important Part of Raymond Mill

di: sweetlove
25 marzo 2019
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Whether Raymond mill can achieve ideal grinding effect depends on the grinding medium and lining plate. Lining board is a very important part of Raymond mill, which directly affects the grinding effect. So how to choose lining board correctly and how to choose suitable lining board is a very important problem. When it comes to the choice of liner, the key is to see the thickness of liner. Does it affect the grinding effect of equipment?

We know that the thicker the liner of the Raymond mill, the better the wear resistance of the Raymond mill. Does that mean that the thicker the liner, the better the wear resistance, the thicker the liner of the Raymond mill will increase its wear resistance properly, but the life of the liner is closely related to the material of the liner, so the good choice of wear resistant material with high hardness is the good policy to improve the life of the liner?

Our company's mineral processing Raymond mill uses high chromium steel balls, bearing steel forging, lining plate using high manganese steel. At the same time, Raymond mill of our company adopts modified high manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel and ultra-high chromium cast iron. By controlling solidification mode and optimizing heat treatment process, it can make lining plate have high hardness, good toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance. However, the thicker the lining plate is, the better, the thicker the lining plate is. Otherwise, the thickness of the lining plate of the Raymond mill will cause the weight of the whole Raymond mill to increase and the power of the motor to increase. Therefore, the lining plate of Raymond mill should be increased appropriately and the wear resistance is good.