high efficiency sand making machine in production line

di: sweetlove
20 dicembre 2018
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With the increasing use of sand making machine in various industries, the production engineering in many industries has been simplified, work efficiency has been improved, and the production and processing processes have been simplified. Our high-performance new sand making machine combines the dual functions of sand making and shaping, and combines the two well. The sand and concrete aggregates produced are better in shape, reasonable in proportion, high in strength and fine in fineness. The mode is adjustable, and the quality is better than natural sand, which can be better applied to various fields such as construction, water conservancy, highway, railway and bridge.

1. Optimized the design structure, simplified the crushing process, increased the one-time throughput of the crushing chamber, improved the crushing efficiency, the finished product has excellent grain size, uniform thickness, high quality and high economic value.

2. high-efficiency sand making machine has strong applicability, can break the stone with high hardness, cobblestone, river pebble, granite, etc. can be easily broken.

3. The production cost of the high-efficiency sand making machine is low. Under the same granularity and power, the sand making amount is higher than 50% of other sand making equipment, and the operation process is more stable, which saves investment in production.

4. The high-efficiency sand making machine has outstanding energy-saving and environmental protection features. It installs devices that reduce dust and eliminate noise, greatly reducing the environmental impact during the operation of the production line. The production process is more green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient.