Mafia City, Mafia Boss, you do it

di: Sinlene
13 giugno 2018
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It’s very easy for the Fascists to exploit the Liberal team’s built-in
lack of unity and to deliberately misconstrue what happened a few rounds
ago. Wait, who voted for Susan in round three? When did John say he
might vote that way? Hang on, I never said that! If you’re accusing me,
that makes YOU the fascist! During one game several of our Liberal
players degenerated into finger-pointing and mistrust to the point that
we started arguing over who was being the bigger BernieBro, all while
the fascists happily plotted their ascension. You get the mafia strategy game.

Whether you play Secret Hitler or Secret Trump (or Secret Obama?) the game is plenty fun and plenty stressful. You definitely will want to assemble a group of familiar friends for this one, since the parallels to our own political climate are impossible to ignore even if you haven’t made the connection explicit by reskinning the game. You’re going to be spending a lot of time making bleak jokes about the rise of fascism and your failed attempts to present a unified progressive front, so you probably want to invite some friends with whom you’re comfortable doing that. (Like with so many things involving modern politics, alcohol helps.)

Secret Hitler’s mechanics often reflect real-world situations to an impressive degree, which elevates it beyond a more straightforward game of deception. Liberals can advance fascist policies to give themselves more power when they’re in office, but they risk leaving that power in place for when Fascists take over.

The parallels are enough to be exhausting, particularly if you don’t find what’s currently happening in Washington to be all that funny. If you’d rather laugh than cry, however, Secret Hitler is a solid way to kill an evening with your friends while awaiting the end times. Be sure to bring booze.

Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio)