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The "Offshore Oil 286" ship, built with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan (163 million U.S. dollars), belongs to the Offshore Oil Engineering Co. Ltd Jessie Bates III Hoodie , an affiliate of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the country's largest offshore oil and gas producer.

The ship, 141 meters long and 29 meters wide, has a maximum loading capacity of 11,228 tons Billy Price Hoodie , and can accomodate to 150 crew members. It is equipped with a 400-ton crane to fulfil installing missions under the water.

The ship can undertake hoisting and pipe-laying missions and support underwater robot and diving missions. It can also carry out underwater equipment maintenance work.

The ship was built by the CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited.

Marriage can sometimes be a very difficult road, especially when you're going through tough times. There are some instances when you may ask yourself if it's time to just give it up. In this instance, it could take some pretty convincing things to make you push forward and want to salvage your marriage. So, what do you do if you just aren't sure whether your marriage should be saved or not? Here are 5 tips that might help you figure it out.

Tip 1 - Ask Yourself: Do You Still Love Your Spouse?

While most of us know that love isn't the only thing that matters when we're considering whether the marriage should be saved or not, it is one of the most important things. If the love is there Dre Kirkpatrick Hoodie , you can make it through a lot of the damage that has been caused to your marriage. You need to take an honest look at this question and answer it to the best of your ability. This should have a large part in deciding whether your marriage should be saved.

Tip 2 - Infidelity? Can You Trust Your Spouse Again?

Many marriages are broken because of infidelity. In this case, one of the things you should really think about is whether or not you can trust your spouse again. Has he or she apologized for the infidelity? Were they sincere? Do you believe them? If you honestly think that you can't trust your spouse again, there is a good chance that things will only get worse from where you're at. Answer this question and let it be another factor as to whether you should save your marriage or not.

Tip 3 - Speak with Your Spouse - Have a Heart to Heart

Although during times of turbulence in a marriage, a heart to heart conversation can easily turn into a huge argument - this is an important tip. Your marriage is nothing without communication, anyway. Ask your spouse for their opinion and their input on whether or not your marriage should be saved and why. Their answers Vontaze Burfict Hoodie , their demeanor and their feelings can help you make that final decision. If they are careless, you may want to move on with your life. If they truly love you and want to make it work, you may want to save your marriage.

Tip 4 - What is Your Spouse Willing to Do? Find Out!

What sort of steps are you and your spouse willing to take to save your marriage? Has your spouse suggested counseling or therapy? If you suggested it, would they join you? Knowing what your spouse is willing to do in order to save your marriage can really help you determine whether it's even worth saving in the first place.

Tip 5 - Follow Your Heart

This sounds like cheesy advice, but in the end - sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense. Follow your heart to know whether your marriage should be saved or not. When you've tried everything and exhausted all means of saving your marriage Carlos Dunlap Hoodie , your heart may be telling you that it's time to just move on. Listen very carefully and you will eventually get an answer.

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In 1994, medical science found a major hormone that they formerly didn’t know existed. But Geno Atkins Hoodie , it wasn’t just any major hormone, it was the king of all hormones which directs virtually every action of the brain’s hypothalamus gland. The name of hormone is “leptin” and it was found in our fat cells. That’s right, our fat cells. Its functions affect our emotions, food cravings, and metabolism. For leptin A.J. Green Hoodie , survival of the body is principal, and everything elseis secondary.

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