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22 marzo 2019
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Searching for an answer to the question ‘Why do parking fines cost so much?’ the first aspect which needs to be mentioned is the handing over of the regulation of parking violations and ticket issuance to the local councils in the Road Traffic Act of 1991.

The reality is that traffic wardens function under the supervision of the council and not the police as commonly believed.

On the 31st day of March vans old skool rosa mujer , 2008, the Traffic Management Act 2004 was brought to effect wherein parking fines were categorized into higher and lower offence zones. For example, your fine amount is higher if you park on a double yellow line than if you have an expired pay and display ticket on you.

Parking tickets cost a lot of money and probably they are priced that way so that motorist’s violations become minimal in course of time.

The fine you pay for parking violations are high also because the administrative expenses included in it. Thus, wages for traffic wardens vans old skool rosa baratas , cost of their training, motorist’s appeal handling and chasing unpaid fines are all included therein.

The local Councils usually tend to outsource the work out to some private concern and generally tries to remain at the back of everything.

A discount of about 50% is given to motorists who pay up early. Now, this results in a lot of motorists not going in fo appealing in the fear that the discount would be lost if they had to appeal a second time.

The yearly budget of any local council features parking fines as one of the most crucial elements therein. Did you know that the appeal process you are entitled to is financed from these fines?

From the council’s point of view, this important source of revenue must be maintained and increased for which both the council and its contractors are always looking for opportunity to do so vans old skool grises mujer , the latter probably being on a percentage thereof.

So quite understandably, parking tickets are issued at a spree quite unfairly and unjustly. 70% of them do not even possess legal validity but you will never see the council take any action against the same

The prevailing culture amidst traffic wardens resembles ‘ticket first, everything else waits.’ Usually 70% of individuals end up winning their parking ticket appeals.

There has been many a case where councils have out rightly rejected an appeal without any legally valid reason. Can there be any other reason except protecting their revenues?

The biggest setback on the part of the common mass is that we are unable to unveil these corrupt practices of the Local authorities’ even if we become victim and suffer due to these malpractices.

Hence, parking fines are priced high so that they stop motorists from creating a chaos on the roads by violating traffic norms and for the councils vans old skool grises baratas , it creates a scope for extra revenue generation similar to an indirect tax.

Do you happen to know any individual who got an unfair parking ticket and wanted to appeal against it but didn’t as he did not know the procedure? Well, there are numerous sites wherein these procedures are explained and letters drafted which can cancel any illegal parking ticket.

Traffic wardens are themselves under tremendous pressure to issue as many tickets as possible and that is the reason behind most of the tickets not being legally valid, something that you might take advantage of during your appeal.

Appealing is not resorted to many, thinking that the letter to be written is of a higher degree of complexity but this is far from the truth. As was said earlier vans old skool grises , there exist many sites from where you can abundantly get samples or even templates of such letters.

There are two successful strategies for a parking ticket appealing. In the first one, you click pictures of the said area and then provide photographic evidence to show that there had been no road markings or the like to tell you that parking was restricted.

The second technique involves going by what the parking ticket says in reality. Thus, if is says that you were parked in Smith Road, it could have been the case that you were parked on Smith street.

Moreover vans old skool rojas mujer , parking tickets issued by private entities exist as well, something which you must never pay any attention to. Though they look similar to the usual public parking tickets and can send several threat letters, but always keep in mind that since their court fees would be much higher than the fine amount they realize from you in court, they would never drag you to court in the first place.

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