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30 gennaio 2019
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Actor Johnny Depp gets a hug from two fans as he arrives for the world premiere in China of Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” in Shanghai yesterday. Hundreds of “Pirates” fans had lined up to catch a glimpse of stars Depp Tyler Eifert Jersey , Orlando Bloom and Javier Bardem ahead of an afternoon viewing. — AFP
DISNEY’S latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” rolled out the red carpet in Shanghai yesterday in a rare world premiere in China for a Hollywood blockbuster as US producers look to woo moviegoers in the Middle Kingdom.

In the shadow of Disney’s newest theme park, which opened last year, hundreds of “Pirates” fans lined up to catch a glimpse of stars Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Javier Bardem ahead of an afternoon viewing.

Despite a slowdown in box office sales in the Chinese market, US studios are increasingly looking to it to boost global revenues, though they face issues such as a local quota system for imported films.

China’s box office slowed markedly last year Geno Atkins Jersey , but grew at its fastest pace in more than a year in April, driven by Universal’s high-octane “The Fate of the Furious.”

The Chinese premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” puts it among a small number of US films to screen for the first time in China. It joins such movies as as “Point Break” and “Iron Man 3” to have premiered or opened earlier in China.

The trend reflects the growing influence of China’s cinemagoers, who are driving global box office sales.

In the Shanghai sunshine, student Zhao Yushen said she had skipped her studies to come from Nanjing to see Depp.

“I’ve still got one final-term exam to take tomorrow morning, but I haven’t prepared for it at all,” she said.

Hollywood is eager to tap more consumers like Zhao A.J. Green Jersey , and hopes it can lobby Beijing to raise a cap of 34 imported films a year under a revenue-sharing deal. The deal is due to be reviewed this year.

The market grew around 4 percent last year, down sharply from nearly 50 percent in 2015, according to box office tracker EntGroup. The previous “Pirates” films have generated over US$3.7 billion in global ticket sales, Box Office Mojo said.

Although some couples stick to an “mutual pleasure exclusive” arrangement, many others like to expand their boundaries beyond penetrative male organ-female organ coupling – and for these couples, oral sensual activity is an obvious alternative. There’s nothing wrong with traditional oral activity by any means Andy Dalton Jersey , but the more playful couples may wish to add a dollop of extra fun to their proceedings, and so may be interested in what oral sensual games they can play to make the experience even more engaging. As long as a man’s member health or a woman’s female organ health isn’t called into question, jumping into oral sensual games can be part of a good, healthy relationship.

Simply by using their imagination, couples can come up with oral sensual games of their own devising. However, to jump-start the process Custom Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , the following are a few games they may wish to add to the experience.

Oral sensual activity dice

There are countless variations using dice to direct oral sensual activities. Perhaps the most basic is for one partner to roll the dice. The number of the dice determines the length of time they administer orally to their partner. For example, depending upon what method of measurement has been agreed upon, a woman who rolls a seven might give her man’s member seven licks or pleasure him for seven minutes.

But there can be other variations. For example, have the two dice stand for different things. One dice stands for, say, the number of minutes an oral activity must be performed. For the other dice Throwback Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , each number has a different meaning, such as:

• One – traditional oral sensual activity
• Two – oral sensual activity with an ice cube in the mouth
• Three – focusing solely on the sacks (for the man) or the chest (for the woman)
• Four – oral sensual activity while humming
• Five – both partners perform orally on each other simultaneously
• Six – roller’s choice – whatever he or she wants to do orally

Guided by a game show

Pick a televised game show, preferably one with only two competitors or two teams. The man chooses one contestantteam, the woman the other. When one person’s contestant or team is up, they are receiving oral sensual activity from the other, and vice versa. If their choices compete against each other at the same time Authentic Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , both partners go at it simultaneously.

Favorite dessert

A messy but tasty game, each partner selects his favorite dessert and recreates that on their partner’s midsection. So the woman who loves a banana split plops three scoops of ice cream on the man’s banana, adds sauce, nuts, whipped cream, etc. and – bon appetit! Afterward Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys For Sale , the man indulges his desire for chocolate cake by spreading icing all around his partner’s female organ.

Drinking game variation

Select a movie or TV show. Set up rules that whenever someone says or does a certain thing, one of the partners performs oral sensual activity on the other. For example, if watching a football game, the man goes down whenever team A has the ball and does so until team B gets the ball, at which point the woman returns the favor. (If choosing a movie or TV series, try to pick one that has a certain amount of repetitiveness Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , such as a catchphrase that is uttered often, or a tendency for the main character to wear yellow, etc., and use those as the guide for knowing when to perform.)

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