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19 giugno 2017
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The 4 Most Important Things To Know About SEO The 4 Most Important Things To Know About SEO August 28 , 2013 | Author: Joseph Harrell | Posted in SEO
Penguin and Panda have recently made some modifications which will have an effect on website proprietors and search engine optimization specialists. As an alternative to quantity, Google now demands high quality. If your written content doesn’t possess a natural and organic flow and pace, you will end up falling down the ranks. Don’t fret though, the SEO game is far from over – you can still find several tools you can use.

At the center of the issue is the users’ relationship with written content. They care about it, and they are more likely to return to your site if they find your content helpful. Quantity is out and quality is in. Keywords that don’t sound right , content for the sake of it, poorly written web pages – these all add up to a website that will not work. If you want return website visitors, top quality subject matter is the key.

Google still includes credibility in their algorithm criteria. The authority of your website is improved when other sites connect to yours, especially those which have higher search engine rankings. To obtain inbound links, remember that it all starts with quality subject matter. Other websites will recommend yours for reading if they find quality in your content , or if they believe that your site contains information that will help users. Other ways to increase number of links is by submitting your site to reputable web and article directory sites. You can use guest posting, and comment on other blogs. Also, take advantage of the fascination with social networking. You can place a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn logo in your website to allow users to pass on the word about your written content.

If you want to boost your Google search engine positioning you should utilize tiered link building. You make your own money website your primary website , and have a range of sites that link to it. Those sites are tier 1 sites. Sites that link to your tier 1 websites are named tier 2 websites, etc. This helps avoid penalties from Google for having too many inbound links to one website.

In summary, SEO techniques continue to be important for your site in spite of restrictions on Google’s algorithm criteria, but they’ll only work in conjunction with top quality articles and other content.

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This idea for executing a goal was first inspired by the movie "Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman. In the movie, the girl playing Hoffman's sister is teaching him how to be a gunslinger with some lessons on how to shoot. This is where the story gets good. Hoffman's sister tells Dustin that he has to shoot the target "before" he draws his gun. As you will see, this is just one important part of the "fire".

This formula for goal execution is about you taking more decisive actions...quickly, so you can successfully achieve your goal faster.

Here's where the inspiration idea took me.

You are "ready" when you are clear on what goal you want to achieve.

You "fire" when you decide to take action. To do it. Get going. Even if you may not know where to begin, you just start doing it. In your mind you have already done it. Executed your goal.

You "aim" to make yourself accountable for each and every action you take.

Here are some examples of the "fire" "aim" sequence.

The first one comes from another movie I saw when I was a child. Unfortunately I don't remember the title. In the movie the town's people didn't know when to start the big clock in the town's square. They knew they needed the clock to tell them the time of day. But they were spending all kinds of energy , time, and thinking on deciding when to start the clock. Finally some one came up with the right idea: "Why not start now." So simple. So easy. And that is what the town's people did. They started the clock from now. And it is from now they can move on with telling time.

The key point here is take decisive action. Fumbling around with details, in some situations, may be all right. But If you are ever going to move forward, you've got to decide to do it now it now.

Here's another example , one from my own personal experience.

I was working as CaptainConsultant for a well known non-profit organization. We were building a catamaran in the Marshall Islands. I won't go into the details, what's important is one day the boat builder told me to align the engine in the engine room. This is a very important task. If an engine is not aligned correctly on a ship, you're going to have a host of problems. I told the boat builder that I've never done anything like that before. What he said changed my way of thinking forever. "Just do it the best that you can, and it will be the best that it will be." After the catamaran was built and launched, we never had any engine problems.

The key point to this is already having in your mind accomplished the goal just before taking any action. In my case , the engine was already aligned in it's place before I even started to align it. I just had to mold my physical efforts to match the image I had in my mind. I would use "aim" to re-align my efforts to help me get closer to my goal.

I hope you see in both examples the goal was executed with "fire" than "aim".

It's important to always "aim" after "firing". You are always checking yourself on how well you are moving towards your goal. Looking at the action you have taken will decide on what you will need to do next. I. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap China Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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