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07 novembre 2018
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The United States has lifted the in-cabin ban on laptops and other large electronic devices on US-bound flights from Dubai and Istanbul Cheap All White Air Force 1 Flyknit Low UK , Emirates and Turkish Airlines said on Wednesday.

The announcements come three days after the ban was lifted on Etihad Airways' flights to the United States from Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The ban on US flights from Dubai International, the world's busiest airport for international travel, has been lifted after new security measures announced by the US last week were implemented, an Emirates spokeswoman said in a statement.

Emirates, the Middle East's largest airline and which flies to 12 US cities Cheap Air Force 1 Low Leather White Black UK , had blamed travel restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump's administration for a drop in demand on US flights.

The Dubai-based carrier cut flights to five US cities from May but had since said demand was starting to return on some routes.

Meanwhile Turkish Airlines said in a statement that passengers traveling to the United States could now take their laptops onboard.

Emirates and Turkish Airlines are the only airlines that operate direct flights from Dubai and Istanbul, respectively, to the US.

Turkish Airlines Chief Executive Bilal Eksi also tweeted that the airline expected similar restrictions on flights to Britain would soon be lifted.

"A technical team will come from Britain for an assessment within one week," Turkey's Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan told reporters in the capital Ankara. "I'm sure they will lift that ban. There is no reason for the ban to continue."

US and British officials carried out inspections of security measures at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on Tuesday, the Dogan news agency reported earlier.

There was no immediate comment available from US officials on the lifting of the ban in Dubai and Istanbul.

Security officials were seen examining passengers' laptops at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on Wednesday following the lifting of restrictions.

"When I was buying the ticket I thought 'shall I buy one for the day after just in case' Cheap Men's Air Force 1 Deconstruct PRM Medium Grey UK , but I bought one for today when they said it was being lifted," Emre Tokmak, a passenger on a Turkish Airlines morning flight to New York traveling with his laptop, told reporters at the airport.

In March the United States imposed the ban on direct flights originating at 10 airports in eight countries - Egypt, Morocco Cheap Air Force 1 Mid 07 Black UK , Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey - to address fears that bombs could be concealed in electronic devices taken aboard aircraft.

Some airlines affected by the ban tried to soften the impact of the restrictions by allowing passengers to check in banned devices shortly before boarding and offering to loan tablets for use during the flight to those travelling in first or business class.

12-year-old Yuan Jiankang cannot speak as his peers do. Yuan Jiankang and his father Yuan Liangquan. Yuan Jiankang at home. Yuan Jiankang had been locked with his mother in this room while his father was out for work. Yuan Jiankang played at home. Yuan Jiankang went straight to the sewage bucket when he was thirsty. Yuan Jiankang and his puppy. Jiangkang’s mother Gao Xige crouched in a dirty bed piled with clothes Cheap Men's Air Force 1 Low All Black UK , constantly talking to herself and laughing. Yuan Jiankang and his puppy went out to play in the village. Yuan Jiankang and his father walked hand in hand in the village.

To the villagers, 12-year-old Yuan Jiankang is a maniac, just like his mother Gao Xige is. For eight years his father Yuan Liangquan had to lock him with his mother when he went out, in case he went missing.

Jiankang couldn’t speak due to the lack of communication and education. He couldn’t even take care of himself. He could go to the sewage and lick the water if he felt thirsty. The burden of life is totally on his father.

The family lives in the Jimiao village of Yutai County, Jining city of Shandong province. When the local newspaper reporters arrived Cheap Air Force 1 Mid 07 White Black UK , Jiankang was playing in the courtyard alone. He kept pronouncing sounds like “Um-um”.

“He can only say Mom and Dad, but not always. Sometimes he can’t speak anything,” said the 55-year-old father Yuan Liangquan.

Yuan Liangquan could not remember since when had he locked Jiankang at home. “It should have been seven or eight years,” he said. They have been living in the seedy house since Jiankang was born.

As for his wife Gao, Yuan said “She was fine when we first got married Cheap Men's Air Force 1 Low 07 LE Deep Burgundy Gum UK , but then she went mad and was never cured.” As a peasant who does small jobs occasionally, Yuan said he didn’t have the money to cure his wife.

Yuan often brought food given by kind-hearted people for his wife and son when he went out for work. His own mother died at the age of 86 when Jiankang was only two month old.

“He had never had any breast milk. I fed him with milk powder all by myself,” Yuan Liangquan said.

Jiangkang’s mother Gao Xige crouched in a dirty bed piled with clothes, constantly talking to herself and laughing.

Perhaps influenced by his mother, Jiankang kept moving all the time. It seemed he couldn’t stop for a minute Cheap Air Force 1 High PRM 07 Sneakers Mica UK , and he often pronounced “um”s.

With the help of local government and the kind-hearted people, Yuan Liangquan no longer locks Jiankang at home. However, children in the village are banned from playing with Jiankang by their parents, only his puppy follows him wherever he goes.

A children’s mental disability center at the provincial capital Jinan city has accepted Jiangkang recently. The general secretary Zhang Ailing said the boy had already missed the best time for the development of social functions, but there’s still possibility that he would recover.

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