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10 agosto 2018
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SYDNEY D. J. Wilson Bucks Jersey , July 11 (Xinhua) -- One of Australia's most iconic mammals, the white albino whale known affectionately as "Migaloo" has been spotted on Tuesday as he begins his yearly migration to the northern parts of the world.

The rare humpback whale was seen swimming in the waters outside the popular tourist destination of the Gold Coast in the Australian state of Queensland on Tuesday morning, and was cheered on by throngs of well wishers and tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of this rare Vin Baker Women's Jersey , and exotic creature.

Migaloo was once thought to be the only specimen of an albino humpback whale, but in 2011 scientists discovered a second off the coast of New South Wales, who was promptly named "Migaloo Jr" Tony Snell Women's Jersey , or "MJ."

The origins of the name Migaloo are of Australian Indigenous descent, as the word itself is what the Aboriginal people of the Hervey Bay area of Queensland use to specify a "white fella."

Despite the many people who came out to see the majestic mammal as began his migration to the other side of the world, the Australian government has strict guidelines as to how close people are able to get in order to ensure the safety of the world famous whale Thon Maker Women's Jersey , requiring jet-skis to be 500 meters away, while planes can approach at no closer than 2,000 meters above ground.

Humpback whales like Migaloo have an average life expectancy of 45 to 50 years of age in the wild Ray Allen Women's Jersey , while Migaloo was first sighted in the Byron Bay area of New South Wales in 1991, when he was estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old.

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