Ultrafine Mill Quickens Integrated Development of Fluorite Industry

15 maggio 2018
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With the fast development of the economy in our country, the control strength of our government for scarce resources has been gradually increasing, and the Ultrafine Mill fluorite is one of the national strategic resources. Because our government steps up efforts in the integration and protection of the fluorite resources, the fluorite resources will be integrated by some large-sized company with huge scope and technological advantages in the future. As the most important fluorine source, the reserve and production ratio has been continuously decreasing.
In recent years, a lot of resources have been wasted, and the Ultrafine Mill application of the fluorite is very wide, for this reason, the application value of fluorite is higher and higher. The previous scattered and mussy mining resources exploitation has been gradually developing toward integration of large-sized mineral resources companies. Large-sized machines and professional types of configuration are the focus of the integration, and they will improve the exploitation efficiency of the mineral resources and improve the safety performance in the mineral exploitation process.At present, the devices of the fluorite production companies in our country is relatively small in production capacity, and it has not any scale advantages, and in addition, the over-exploitation to the fluorite in our country causes serious waste of the resources so that the resources utilization rate is very low. For this reason, the fluorite industry in our country has inner requirement for resources integration.
Compared with common powder collector, the bypass powder collector has little pressure loss and high collecting efficiency, so that it is beneficial to collect the super-fine particles that are difficult for the common powder collector to collect and the machine is environmentally friendly. The fluorite ultrafine mill adopts the same resistance devices in the machine in order to avoid the different contribution of the two powder collector, so that it will improve the powder collecting efficiency, reduce internal cycle and improve the production capacity of the ultrafine mill. We have many years of production experience in grinding mill, and our country have wide customers resources, and the equipment researched and developed by our country enjoy wide popularity among the customers after they are put into use.