Superfine vertical mill manufacturer for processing calcite

18 settembre 2019
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The origin of the calcite Ultrafine Mill Sale Indonesia name is because tapping the ore may result in many square fragments. As a relatively common mineral in natural calcium carbonate, calcite has a very large proportion and a very large total reserves. The crystal shape is various, and may be a cluster of crystals, or may be granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earthy, and the like.
Usually, calcite is often used as raw and auxiliary materials for processing, and has been used in chemical, cement, and daily necessities industries. In the metallurgical industry, calcite can be used as a flux. In the construction industry, calcite can be used to process cement, lime, etc., and calcite can also be used in the processing of plastics, paper, and toothpaste. In the food industry, calcite can also be used as an additive.
It is not difficult to see that calcite presents a more important role in daily life, and depending on the application industry, there will be some differences in the fineness requirements of the other people. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the technical level, the particle size requirements of the other people's solution to the grinding process have become more and more refined, so that they can be more fully applied. Then, what kind of equipment do you choose for processing calcite ultrafine powder? ——LUM super fine vertical mill.