Structural Features of Grinder Mill

14 giugno 2019
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It is the solid Ultrafine Mill Manufacturers structure, covers small area; it is an independent producing system from primary material to the final powder. 2. Fineness of the final powder is well-distributed, 99% of them can pass through the screen, and other milling machines are hard to approach. 3. Raymond mill commission equipment adopts closed gear case and pulley, stable convey and believable work. 4. Important part adopt high quality steel, abrasion proof adopt high quality abrasion material, the whole machine have a high abrasion and have a believable work. 5. Its electric system adopt concentrating control, the workshop can realize no-people work, and maintenance.
Troubleshooting and processing options for the cement vertical mill. Cement Using Raymond Mill Technology in use, as a result of the harsh circumstances, frequently seem vertical roller mill, disc liner wear, vertical mill roller bearing put on and machine chamber leakage along with other frequent issues. Vertical roller mill body and liner wear through use, as soon as with all the gap between the body and will make the wear liner intensified, coupled together with the hot surface of cement particles and the continuous erosion, resulting within the generation with the trench, resulting impact collision occurs in between the physique and also the liner, the liner makes serious cracks or fracture, machine damage, specially damage to the machine box, resulting in serious incidents.
After such troubles occur, the general repair procedures are tough to solve, replace pricey; assembly needed vertical mill grinding roller bearings extra stringent, corporations commonly use dry ice to cool the bearing around the way the assembly. The finished product particle made by our Raymond mill can be adjusted casually so that the machine can meet all demand from the customers, which will help our company win good reputation.