Pebbles Sand Plant Machine Stone Processing Field

22 aprile 2019
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Pebbles and Sand Aggregate Industry is noted for its role in a wide range, in the construction industry, aggregate production; in the highway, to the concrete raw material processing; in the mining industry, the iron ore deep processing technology; in refractory material, grinding of ceramics. It has been deep into all walks of life, playing an irreplaceable role. Literally, perhaps many people mistakenly think that the pebbles and sand making machine can only process the pebbles. In fact, pebbles and sand making machine can process the Leeb hardness in all material below 8. Pebbles and sand making machine is a new type sand making machine, than the traditional crushing hardness increase.
The main processing material pebbles and Vsi Sand Making Machine: stone. Pebbles, gravel, granite, limestone, basalt, diabase, feldspar, fluorite, stone. These stone hardness relatively large, only the use of pebbles and sand making machine to less wear on the machine itself. Processing these materials for artificial sand, now has become an important source of sand.
The ore. In the mining industry, China ore resources are rich, but the ore grade is low, so the need for ore crushing, and other catalysts can give full play to the role of. These minerals are: iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, timber transport ore, lead-zinc ore, tungsten ore, manganese ore etc.. Non metal. Waste glass sprint our life, left on the road to our safety hidden trouble. Now, in a large glass processing factory, the pebbles and sand making machine is broken, the final heat treatment. Non metal pebbles and sand making machine processing are: ceramics, glass, waste slag.