Jaw crusher equipment professional processing granite

20 marzo 2019
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Granite is a magma below the Limestone Impact Crusher surface condensate to form plutonic igneous rocks, most widely distributed over the Earth‘s crust, because often the formation and development of good, visible to the naked eye, named after the mineral particles. The main components of granite are feldspar, quartz and Mica, not easily weathered, beautiful color, appearance and color can maintain more than a century, due to its high hardness, wear-resistant, in addition can be used as a superior building material decoration engineering, ground outside the Hall, and outdoor sculpture material of choice.
However, it is the hardness Stone Crushing Equipment Innovation of granite is high, resulting in crushing process is difficult, granite crushing capacity of crusher, feed rate, higher processing capabilities required, the existing granite crusher and Crusher manufacturers, is not only a good development opportunities, but also must face the challenge. our world mechanical limited is a professional engaged in broken screening equipment development production of large broken machine manufacturers, more than 20 years to has been is committed to broken technology of research and broken machine equipment performance of improved, developed out has jaw type broken machine, and Europe version jaw type broken machine, and spring cone broken machine, and hydraulic cone broken machine, and counterattack type broken machine, and Europe version counterattack type broken machine, and impact type broken machine (business sand machine), series high performance rock, and ore broken processing equipment.
Jaw Crusher is liming heavy industry for granite, marble, River pebbles, pebbles, basalt high hardness minerals in crush brings together domestic and foreign advanced technologies and successful experience of the like product on the basis of painstaking developed a highly efficient, energy-saving large crushing machine. Broken than large, strong, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, mainly for medium-granularity break of various ores and large blocks, of which the compressive resistance of materials is not more than 320Mpa, is the device of choice for primary crushing of granite.