The important role of sand making machine equipment

20 settembre 2019
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Crushing is the first step in the process of tungsten ore Sand Making Machine Manufacturer Indonesia production line. We use the jaw crusher equipment for coarse crushing, crushing and fine crushing in the impact sander equipment, fine crushing to the appropriate fineness, and grinding into the grinding equipment. The impact sand making machine has many functions such as medium crushing, fine crushing and stone shaping. The sand making machine is also suitable for crushing various hard and brittle materials, such as iron ore, copper ore, gold and silver ore, manganese ore, cement, artificial sand, fluorite, limestone, steel slag, etc. Fine crushing of hard and corrosive materials. The impact sand making machine has a large processing capacity and good fine crushing effect. The production capacity from 50T/H-500T/H is suitable for the tungsten ore beneficiation production line of different scales. It is a powerful assistant for the crushing of ore in large, medium and small tungsten ore dressing plants.
Before the Bentonite Crushing Machine Supplier process, it is necessary to carry out washing, deliming and grading before pre-selection, and pre-selecting methods such as hand selection, photoelectric selection and heavy medium dressing. The waste rock which accounts for 50% of the original ore is discarded in the pre-selection, and the WO3 grade in the waste rock is 0.012%-0.016%. The pre-selection enriches the WO3 grade of the ore from 0.25% to 0.3% to 0.45% to 0.8%, and the recovery rate is 96% to 98%. The pre-selected ore is crushed to 1-12mm by an impact sand-making machine for grading and re-election. The coarse-grained ore adopts a three-stage jigging, and the jigging is mainly selected by a double-bucket diaphragm jig. The large-scale concentrator uses a jig. The shaker is re-selected in grades 4-6. One or two stages of grinding are required before the re-election of the shaker, and there is also a grinding process using re-grinding of the medium ore. A section of grinding uses a rod mill, and a second section of grinding uses a ball mill or a new sand making machine. The elbow type and the convex roll type shaker are used for sorting, and the recovery rate of the re-election operation is on average more than 90%.