Hammer Crusher Life Extension Method

14 giugno 2019
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Stone Impact Crusher Storage are generally broken stones , stone and other hard materials based, so wear will be relatively large , if we choose the right equipment will be able to greatly reduce the material wear and extend the life of the crusher , reducing the cost of replacement parts . We to mining heavy hammer crusher as an example for everyone resolved hammer crusher equipment accessories are what material composition .
Heavy hammer Tailings Processing Production Line is a new and efficient production of large crushing equipment, simple device structure , large crushing ratio , uniform particle size , a shape , and many other advantages, but it's the hammer and the back plate is easy to wear, to replace the previous customers often Accessories and headaches , then hammer crusher parts have what material composition , to make it 4-6 times to extend the life of it?
First, hammer, hammer to have a certain hardness, but if the hardness is too large, hammer and hammer handle will be easy to break , when also taking into account the hammer toughness, how to hammer hardness and toughness of the merger with it? Therefore, we developed the company produces high-chromium alloy composite hammer , hammer hammer at Bing connected using a hinge , easy to break , and wear resistance and toughness as a whole, and the hammer can rotate 360 ??degrees , can be used on both sides .
Followed by the back plate , which uses high- manganese steel casting quenched , and then through enhanced treatment to abrasion and impact resistance has been further improved. Back plate broken tooth based on the advanced theory with concrete crushing chamber structure, optimize the design of the back plate , so that the material crushing ratio increased further hammer wear is reduced, thereby further increase production.