Gold Raymond mill for gold ore grinding

26 settembre 2019
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Gold Raymond milling equipment also known as gold Vertical Roller Mill Production Process. Gold fineness milling a wide range, generally 80 mesh -300 mesh range. Gold material hardness greater ore showing green opalescent, mostly in cash on the yellow section Sulfur impurities. Gold usually high pressure mill or ordinary Raymond mill, flour principles of the two milling equipments are high-speed and low-speed rolling strike. Yield contrast and not too bad, mainly performance, stability and maintenance of machines vary the rate, by contrast, is more suitable for Raymond mill gold milling and processing.
Features Of Gold Raymond Milling Equipment: 1. unique design. The grinding chamber, the Ministry of plum shelves designed pressure device 1500kg-2000kg, the same power, the production increased by 10-30%, the grinding apparatus for grinding pressure of materials to improve the 800-1500kgf, the finest product fineness can up to 1000 mesh. 2. the applicability of the material, and can be for a variety of materials Mohs hardness below 9.3. 3. the effect of dust fully meet international standards. 4. roller device using high-quality and efficient process, overlapping multi-stage sealing to ensure a good seal. 5. roller, grinding ring replacement cycle is long, excluding the replacement of wearing parts centrifugal mill short cycle problem. 6. the grinding apparatus overlapping multi-stage seal, seal performance.