Features Of impact Crusher

28 maggio 2019
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Impact Crusher Life is designed for crushing ores and rocks with particle sizes under 120~300mm and compression strength no more than 350Mpa. It's a feature of large crushing ratio, hi-efficiency crushing, cubic form, selectable crushing and and so on. It really is appropriate for crushing unique compression strength of rocks and is widely utilized in mining, cement and concrete industries. Brazil Effect Crusher made use of in mining, cement, concrete industries. It can be also applies to this kind of components whose length of side does not surpass 500mm, the compressive power does not surpass 260Mpa. It is actually far better to granite, the limestone, the river pebbles, and so on.
1. The Impact Crusher Advantage with Huge feed head, substantial stave cavity, large adaptation material degree of hardness, big block, few product or service stone powder. 2. The impact board as well as board hammer gap may be facilitate adjusted, the controlment materials granularity is energetic, the grain shape is fantastic. 3. The structure from the impact crusher is compact, the machine rigidity is strong, the rotor has the huge rotation inertia. 4. Hammer is anti-impact, anti-attrition, the impulse is huge. 5. No keying, the overhaul is hassle-free, the economy is reliable. 6. Entire stave perform, higher productivity, slightly parts wears and tears, high mixed earnings.
Hammer crusher in the application, when feeding water more than the technical requirements, the plate will be crushing cavity closure, easy the emergence of the phenomenon of blocking material, motor load increased, yield decreased. impact crusher because the discharge mouth half open structure, allowing the feed moisture content increasing, at this time will not be like the hammer crusher that frequent plugging material, but the screen material (raw material) was increased, the fine powder production decline. The contradiction caused by broken lower yield increase due to feeding water, transferred to the screening process of follow-up.