Details of the mobile impact crusher

12 ottobre 2017
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Construction waste disposal of the Ore Milling Equipment, of course, the biggest feature is the mobility of strong, can walk in a variety of road conditions, and suitable for dealing with scattered distribution of construction waste, the need for liquidity of the material. Two months after our crushing station, nearby residents generally responded to the surroundings becoming clean and tidy, and people were paying more attention. Hope that through the handling of mobile crushing station, our environment can always be clean, to the people living environment and healthy body.
With the advantages of Ore Milling Equipment continue to show, this more flexible production methods more and more users of all ages. It can be based on the user's specific situation with different processing equipment to form a complete production line. Because it is designed for the customer's actual situation, so more to meet their production needs. Here we come to understand a mobile counterattack broken sales case. Customer basic situation: early 2012, a customer from Shandong through the business through our customer service staff made contact. After communication we learned that he wanted to buy a complete broken, sieving line, used to process limestone, the raw material size in about 200 mm. He asked the material size in the 30 mm, the production capacity can reach 250 tons / hour. Customers also said that because the mining site environment is relatively poor, terrain, need to find another place to build production lines.
Engineer solution: After a detailed understanding of the user for the Ore Milling Equipment production line capacity, the final size of the grain size, grain grade requirements, our experienced engineers according to the specific circumstances of the customer in-depth and comprehensive discussion, the idea Designed a complete broken production line. Because the size of raw materials in the 200 mm or so, do not need the primary broken, can be directly crushed processing, which eliminates the jaw crusher investment. As the hardness of limestone is not high, the use of counterattack crusher on the plate hammer, counterattack plate wear is not, so we recommend that users use our PFW1315 Ⅲ, its production, incoming and outgoing material size are in line with customer requirements. Coupled with a vibrating feeder continuously, homogeneous feed, a vibrating screen for sieving the product, and a belt conveyor to connect the production equipment. In view of the customer can not establish the production line of the situation, we recommend that customers use our mobile impact crusher. It is equipped with all of the above equipment, set crushing, screening, transportation in one, you can directly reach the mining site operations, reducing the amount of infrastructure costs and transportation costs. Users are very satisfied with our design, that our mobile impact crusher at reasonable prices, so the final purchase of our equipment.