Construction waste crushing recycled aggregates

10 luglio 2019
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Our construction waste processing equipment free mobile Construction Waste Crusher environmental technology company, production has been crushing process of construction waste as a whole very well, Hebi once purchased two DPF mobile crushing plant construction waste processing and device without any problems up to now, yesterday came good news: Hebi customer construction debris crushed recycled aggregates used in process-station experiment a success.
Has been concern our Ultrafine Mill building garbage processing equipment dynamic of customer should are is familiar above of two Taiwan DPF building garbage processing equipment, this is just transport to Hebi site of building garbage processing equipment, now several months passed, customer on DPF mobile broken station is satisfaction, broken Hou of building garbage not only can for business brick and the made building materials material etc, and application to commercial mixed station Shang effect also very of good.
Division environmental Department Xu total said: Hebi in local production of building garbage processing, get has local Government of height praised, and on Division building garbage processing equipment gives has height evaluation! heard these words very happy, this Hebi building garbage broken Hou of aggregate in commercial mixed station Shang of experiment success, description has building garbage cycle regeneration using channel is increasingly more, more is Division building garbage processing equipment advanced sex of reflected. We will work even harder in the future, for our customers to develop better construction waste processing equipment, and strive to ensure customer cost the least money and get maximum benefit, if customers want to consult building waste treatment equipment or visit the building waste processing production line can contact us.