There are wide-ranging ways to decorate a home’s timber windows

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12 ottobre 2017
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Timber windows are known for their old-world elegance and charm in enhancing a home’s curb appeal and interior design. When it comes to decorating, however, one can easily get frustrated especially when ideas do not mesh with the current design. Instead of changing the whole aspect, putting both windows and doors to fuse with the overall design element of the house can be laborious. With all the decorating designs available, finding one that will suit your personal style and the look of your abode is essential.

One fine way to decorate this is to carefully incorporate them to the overall design via matching stains. Most houses that use wooden window variety are usually reminiscent of old Victorian or Georgian homes common in Europe. By simply stripping these structures bare and sanding each smooth then staining it in dark hues of brown or whichever is dominant in your home will easily lend an old-world appeal.

In terms of dilapidated variety, the use of wallpaper is an excellent idea. You can simply extend the wallpaper covering of the walls making it look like a part of it to serve as concealment from prying eyes. When there is no wallpaper in sight, colors and patterns should match the nuances of the entire structure to lend harmony and free-flowing ambiance.

Dressing up a window is easier to do these days. Make use of blinds and curtains to put some sense of drama into the area. From Roman to honeycomb Wholesale Calais Campbell Jersey , roller and venetian blind, efficient window treatment from the sun’s harmful radiation is achieved without sacrificing decorative element of a space. You can also choose from wide-ranging fabric and patterns.

If it is seasonal design you want, sash windows can always lend great vibe to the whole property. Make use of fitting arts and crafts items according to the occasion at hand. A frosty glazed glass window is fitting for yuletide season while creepy bugs and bats with ghostly caricatures will prove to be so much fun for Halloween. The fun never stops year-round.

Crackle painting is an excellent choice for shabby chic design. You can paint it on your own by using dark coating as main base, re-coated with a lighter tone then glazed thoroughly using a rag. The bubble effect will help reveal blister-like design showing darker paint within. This usually lends a stunning antiquated vibe.

Set your window frame with excellent designs in stenciling. Stencils these days come in wide-ranging variety of colors, shapes, size and patterns. The key in achieving this is to decide beforehand the type of stencil that will match entire space. From calligraphy to flower garden design to simple geometric patterns, a room can be converted to shine out its beauty.

There are wide-ranging ways to decorate a home’s timber windows. If you want your design to blend well, consider choosing compatible colors and design to your current structure. You can have flowers, calligraphy and other decorative element which when done efficiently can deliver positive results.

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