vertical roller mill room cleaning

di: jwen4568
13 marzo 2019
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Vertical roller mill work for some time after the need for cleaning, then cleaning, we need to pay attention to what is the problem? How to clean it?

Ultrafine grinding in use, at regular intervals need to be carried out maintenance work is for its parts overhaul to see the wear and tear, and then check the lubrication conditions, these aspects of the inspection is to make the machine better Of the work, in the maintenance, in addition to maintenance of parts, but also pay attention to the cleaning of the various components, such as the lubricant container for cleaning, this is done for the purpose of better and better lubrication , And then for the cleaning of the grinding chamber, the purpose is to vertical roller mill at work, can get better finished product to prevent the residual material is too abrasive, so that the finished product particles unreasonable phenomenon, Is to ensure that the finished product, then how do we clean the mill room?

When cleaning, we have a few points to note: The first is to be sure to power down, this is to ensure personal safety, if not cut off, it may occur sudden operation of equipment or electric shock and other endanger the personal safety of the phenomenon, so off Electricity is very necessary; followed by the remnants of the material clean-up work, the cleaning of the time to collect the remaining material; again for the wear of vertical roller mill chamber inspection, and then carry out maintenance according to the actual situation Or is replaced, in addition lumen and the base of the connectivity also need to be checked, if the contact surface is larger, then need to re-install;

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