vertical roller mill operation principle

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15 novembre 2019
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The vertical mill operation has certain requirements on the slurry concentration. There is no obvious limit on the concentration of coarse vertical mill, but the material concentration should not be too low to effectively control the negative fluid force during the mineral processing operation. When magnetically selecting fine particles, the concentration is required to be high to ensure the recovery of magnetic minerals.

Advantages and applicationDry weak vertical roller mills have features like a simple process, low investment, low water consumer. However, the bottleneck of the dry cylinder vertical roller mill is that the dust is difficult to control, so as the environmental protection requirements become stricter, the dry vertical mill is gradually replaced by the weak vertical roller mill.

At present, the fine-grained dry vertical mill machine is only used in the water shortage area and severe cold area.2 Weak, medium, strong vertical roller millAccording to the magnetic field strength, vertical roller mill is divided into three types: weak vertical roller mill (low intensity vertical roller mill), medium vertical roller mill and strong vertical roller mill (high intensity vertical roller mill).