Use of Mobile Crusher

di: jwen4568
25 settembre 2019
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The mobile crusher is short for counter-roll crusher. The mobile crusher has the advantages of reliable operation, simple maintenance, low operation cost and adjustable size of discharging material. According to the number of rolls, it can be divided into two-roll crusher and four-roll crusher. The tooth shape, size and arrangement on the roll surface can be changed with the nature of the material. It can crush medium-hard and soft ores.

For example, in sulphuric acid plant, the mobile crusher is usually used to crush pyrite once, so that the diameter of pyrite can reach 20-30 mm, and then enter the double-roll crusher for secondary crushing, so that the ore diameter can reach. Under 5 mm, it meets the requirement of fluidized bed furnace. It can be widely used in the processing of brittle and tough materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal and other industries.

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