resistance of gypsum crusher

di: jwen4568
17 aprile 2019
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In recent years, the domestic research focuses on Building Department of carbonation on impact, reinforcement of concrete generally believe that the carbonation whether for ordinary concrete or gypsum crusher, also have occurred which lead to reduced the possibility of alkalinity of rebar corrosion of reinforced. However, from the chemical point of view, the alkali reserve ash concrete internal powder is usually better than the reference concrete carbonization depth of concrete carbonization is less, caused by the neutralization of surface to the larger.

But from the structure compactness, carbonation of gypsum crusher can delay the carbonation process. Therefore, in recent years the development of carbonation consensus is, if can give full play to the effect of the activity of gypsum, gypsum crusher of 28d age strength can be achieved with the reference concrete carbonization resistance equal. But in order to ensure that the carbonation resistance of gypsum crusher mixed with gypsum, in the meanwhile, tend to use the so-called double mixing gypsum crusher measures composite used with water reducing agent, can further improve the concrete structure compactness degree, arresting of carbonic acid gas diffusion depth, which is easier to accept the effective measures in current engineering field.

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