recommend the use of linear mobile crusher

di: jwen4568
09 gennaio 2019
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For example, if to screening of rough iron, recommend the use of linear mobile crusher, sieve aperture adjustment, you can directly to the coarse powder of 5mm above the selected. Author: mine powder mobile crusher with the ordinary mobile crusher what difference? Expert: embodied in full closed structure which has the main advantages of ore vibration screen, as a screening device of metal powder, one must not generate dust pollution, second iron powder with water to produce chemical reaction will cause iron rust, closed production process can effectively solve these two problems.

Secondly, with the ordinary mobile crusher is different, the made a great improvement in the mode of production with the mobile crusher, increase the feeding port, processing capacity per hour of iron powder is increased by 30%. Thirdly, in order to improve production efficiency and further reduce the working pressure, mobile crusher with automatic control system, can achieve the advanced processes of a feeding and automatic feeding long screening. Author: mobile crusher more and machining process of powder more humanized.