The raymond mill for production

di: jwen4568
16 aprile 2019
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In fact, the self-propelled raymond mill makes the production line to the efficient and stable operation. The raymond mill running time, construction waste will continue through a transportation system transportation to each operation link, crushing and screening. After decomposing the system can also be automatically remove the internal impurities waste disposable, ensure the qualification rate of products.

The raymond mill for production, the daily production capacity has reached fifty thousand pieces, can deal with construction waste nearly six hundred thousand tons per year, solved the problem before building refuse treatment.

raymond mill building refuse treatment advantage by the introduction of the above can clearly see, compared with other similar devices, the mobility is high, the occupied space is small, the installation is more convenient, but also has great mobility, reduce the huge costs of construction waste transport. Believe that through continuous innovation and improvement, self-propelled raymond mill set to complete the task more arduous quantity, good chapter opens the garbage disposal industry.

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