the new mining calcium carbonate plant

di: jwen4568
14 marzo 2019
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At present, the new mining calcium carbonate plant is a good solution to these problems, the calcium carbonate plant vibration box is arranged in a closed, to a certain extent, reduce dust pollution, simultaneously adding air entraining cover further recovery of dust is sucked at the discharge port, two measures can basically eliminate the dust pollution.

The author in the listen to explain, and consulting industry development trend of some problems to the vice president of the vibration sieve. The chairman said: on the one hand, the new mining calcium carbonate plant is really at the forefront of the industry, first of all, from the flexibility, between the vibration screen and vibration case can be removed and replaced freely according to the vibration need different mesh sieve. Secondly, more standardized, universal, fine, various parts of equipment back to a more standard, more elaborate, the product is very good sieve shaker.

Again, more efficient, environmental protection, the machine equipped with powerful vibration exciter, and can control the intensity of the exciting force at any time, to reduce the dust pollution can also be zinc particles to recycle, reduce the production cost. The end of the visit, the author made a detailed arrangement of access to records, the hope can help users understand industry trends, to seize the new opportunities of development.

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