In the mining industry development

di: jwen4568
28 marzo 2019
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The development of modern industry the enterprise scale increases, production capacity greatly enhanced. The original is used for screening mechanical metallurgy, coal, mining, building materials, transportation and other industries, is bound to the technological progress and industrial upgrading.

High reliability. Many of China's circular vibrating screen the service life of the products is not high, the majority of products are usually only about two years of life. It is very important to improve the stability of product reliability. The key components of the overall reliability of equipment.

Advanced manufacturing technology. Advanced manufacturing technology is the guarantee of product quality. The production process of the original, has been unable to meet the production requirements of large equipment of high strength and high life. Enterprises should pay attention to technical inputs, improve the production process and equipment.

Research, new screens. The screen is the key parts of the screening effect is good or bad. At present, our country enterprise scale gravel mill number is larger, but the overall strength is not strong. These enterprises only to the domestic and foreign vibrating screen industry to fully understand, grasp the development trend of future products, to produce a more market competition ability of the product.

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