the main wear-resistant parts

di: jwen4568
26 novembre 2019
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As we all know, the main wear-resistant parts of the mobile crusher are the wear-resistant lining plate and the hammer head of the mobile crusher. SBM Mining Machinery fully considered the role and coordination of various components in the design. The wear-resisting hammer head of the mobile crusher produced by SBM Mining Machinery is a kind of high wear-resisting hammer developed for the abnormal limestone containing SiO2.

It is suitable for working under severe abrasive wear conditions, suitable for crushing hard, high SiO2, strong abrasive limestone. In our country, we take the lead in adopting out-of-furnace refining and integral pressure casting technology. The molten steel is purer and the matrix is more compact. The service life of crusher hammer is 50-98% longer than that of common high manganese steel hammer, and the use is safer and more reliable.

The wear-resistant liner of SBM Mining Machinery crusher is made of Cr7C3 carbide with volume fraction of more than 50% formed by surfacing welding on common steel plate or heat-resistant steel plate and stainless steel plate. Wear-resistant steel sheet has high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformability and weldability. It can be directly processed into engineering parts like steel sheet to meet the needs of wear industry and mining. Its wear-resistant life can be increased by more than 15 times than that of ordinary steel sheet.