Limestone Powder Industrial Coatings

di: jwen4568
28 ottobre 2019
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Limestone powder is easily wetted and dispersed in all liquid coatings, such as organic solvents, varnishes, alkyd and water systems. Limestone powder has excellent suspension property in coatings and can also help other pigments in the system to keep suspension state. Coarser talc powder is suitable for coatings requiring rough or "dentate" coatings, such as interior wall paints, primers, and crepe paints.

Medium-sized varieties are suitable for house paints and general fillers. Ultrafine talc powder is suitable for controlling the gloss, consistency and hanging property of semi-gloss coatings. Limestone powder is widely used in cement, Crack Filler and putty. According to different requirements, talc powder with coarse or fine particle size is selected for special products.

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