How to flexibly control the fineness

di: jwen4568
28 marzo 2019
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With the rapid development of the construction industry now, industry crusher model of gravel are increasingly high requirements, the proportion of gravel crushing machine used in building over the natural sand. In order to meet the growing market demand, many large construction project team and building materials providers have to use the stone crushing equipment production line to improve the quality and production efficiency of building stone. Why to use stone crushing equipment production line?

We know natural sand is a kind of non renewable resources, not only mining is not convenient, need all kinds of processing equipment, and with a little there will be less. Therefore, in the current building materials market, natural sediment supply in decline, and prices are rising.On the other hand, the quality of natural sand is no mechanism for high. The mechanism of sand is crushing process produced by a series of stone crusher, its source of supply stability, raw material fineness optional, adjustable.

The most important is the material through the sieve screening, the sand with uniform particle size and gradation of complete. The mechanism of sand has these advantages, the flexible control of stone production line in what ways can the fineness? 1, reasonable selection of the crushing ratio, crushing ratio is imported raw materials and finished product material after crushing particle size ratio. Moreover, this rule applies not only to the jaw crusher, also applies to the cone crusher, stone crusher model has nothing to do with it.