gold ore sand washing machine

di: jwen4568
12 novembre 2019
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1. Compared with traditional equipment of the same size, the comprehensive performance of the sand washing machine of gold ore is good, reliable and stable. When one end of the hammer head wears out, you can replace the use surface of the hammer head and continue to use it.

2. The utilization rate of hammer head of gold ore sand washing machine has been improved, the replacement period of hammer head has been shortened, and the accessory cost of gold ore sand washing machine has been reduced.

3. The hammer head of the gold ore sand washing machine is based on the original production of hammer head, using vacuum casting and combining advanced technology to improve the resistance capacity and wear resistance of hammer head.

4. A unique clearance control system can be adjusted freely according to the requirements of particle size and sieving characteristics. The particle size of broken material can vary with the speed of the top of hammerhead. The sand washing machine for coal is mainly used to complete crushing material operation by impact energy.

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