The First Choice of Sand Washer

di: jwen4568
27 novembre 2019
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With the development of economy and industry, China's electricity consumption is increasing, and the pollution caused by energy consumption and sand washing machine cannot be ignored.The state has intensified its efforts to control sulfur dioxide emissions from thermal sand washing machines, and more and more attention has been paid to the desulfurization systems in the major fire sand washing machines.

How to choose suitable desulphurization technology and desulphurization equipment becomes the primary concern of plant equipment purchasing personnel.The desulfurizer in the desulfurization process of the thermal sand washing machine is mostly limestone powder.The quality, fineness and particle distribution of limestone powder are one of the main factors affecting the desulfurization effect.The selection of suitable limestone powder production technology and desulfurization mill plays an important role in the whole desulfurization process of the sand washing machine.

At present, many different types of pulverizer are used in sand washing machine desulfurization limestone powder.As the standard grinding mill in sand washing machine, GUI mine has high attainments in the powder of sand washing machine.In recent years, the new mine remonter has occupied half of China's sand washing machine, and the customer has the high evaluation of the new type of mill.