Efficiency evaluation of clinker grinding unit cost

di: jwen4568
24 gennaio 2019
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Three types of clinker grinding unit cost concrete, clear after the comprehensive effect of offset positive and negative effects, to standard for clinker on concrete contribution. The size of contribution of clinker grinding unit costs is efficient, can be referred to as the efficiency of clinker grinding unit cost.

According to the relative quality of science (relative Quality) meaning, the treatment can be made relatively quantitative efficiency effect of clinker, cement concrete of a clinker concrete characterization of quality features or properties index which is made of clinker grinding unit cost will be generated and the benchmark without clinker characteristics or properties indicators were compared, the ratio of the relative percentage of clinker or is benefit parameter or coefficient of efficiency.

If the clinker concrete the characteristics or properties of efficiency parameter (or coefficient) is larger than 1 or 100%, generally showed that clinker is effect is predominant, contribute to concrete the features or characteristics; on the contrary, if the efficiency parameters of clinker is less than 1 or 100%, indicates that the positive effect of inferior clinker, or the effects of clinker is a contribution, but not enough to make up for the substitution of cement can play a role, still need to be enhanced through the adjustment, the positive effect of clinker. Fly ash processing equipment has many kinds, such as clinker separator, clinker and other mill, of course, for some concrete features and characteristics, habits to low value is better.

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