clean-up work on hammer mill

di: jwen4568
07 marzo 2019
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First, perform a comprehensive clean-up work on hammer mill, especially grinding rollers, grinding rings, powder collectors, dust removal equipment, and pipelines. Then check the bolts, screws, and other fasteners. Is to help the equipment in a good working condition;

Second, the hammer mill heat operation, for example, put the equipment in a ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight, if conditions are better, you can add fans and other cooling tools, which can better disperse the surrounding High temperature ensures better work of the equipment;

Third, under hot conditions, more attention should be paid to the daily maintenance and inspection of the equipment. The lubricating oil must be selected so that the ignition point must be high to prevent the occurrence of flammable conditions.

The above describes the situation of hammer mill work in hot weather from three aspects. It pays attention to the cleaning work, heat dissipation work, and the selection of lubricants. These three aspects can effectively ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the production efficiency. The occurrence of the situation.