calcium carbonate plant maintenance

di: jwen4568
25 gennaio 2019
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Equipment in use process, should set up various kinds of protective measures. The first is the calcium carbonate plant should be installed in the electrical protection device. The second is the early operation of the calcium carbonate plant, check at least one anchor bolts to prevent loosening of the day. When the motor rotation direction does not meet the requirements, adjust the power phase sequence.

When the device is stopped after a longer period of time again, insulation resistance should be measured for 500 volt megger should be greater than 500000000000 in europe. Equipment, a total of 1500 hours of operation, should check the bearings, if serious injury should be replaced immediately. Motor should guarantee good lubrication, each running two weeks supplementation of lithium base grease (ZL-3) once. Gas, oil cup to add the amount of lithium base grease. In addition to the special attention to the problem, the operator should also regularly check coarse mesh, mesh and spring with or without the fatigue and damage various parts of the body due to vibration and produce damage to the site need to add lubricant to lubricate etc..