Humor them

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One of the requirements of every commencement speaker is that they offer some advice. Well, get ready, here it comes.

Soon you will be leaving the company of those who think they have Cheap NFL Jerseys all the answers-your professors, instructors and counselors-and going out into what we like to call the real world.

In time you will meet up with other people who think they have all the answers. These Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys people are called bosses. My advice is: humor them.

A little later you will meet additional people who think they have all the answers. These are NFL Cheap Jerseys called spouses. My advice is: humor them, too.

And if all goes well, in a few years you will meet still another group of people who think they have all the answers. These NFL Wholesale Jerseys are called children. Humor them.

Life will go on, your children will grow up, go to school, and someday they could be taking part in a commencement ceremony just like this one. And who knows, the speaker responsible for handing out good advice might be you.

Halfway through your speech, the graduate sitting next to your daughter will lean Supply Cheap Jerseys over and ask, "Who is that woman up there who thinks she has all the answers?

Well, thanks to the sound advice you are hearing today and that I hope you will all Supply Cheap NFL Jerseys pass on, she will be able to say, "That is my mother. Humor her.