Cures For Tinnitus - What is Causing the Noise in Your Ears and How You Can Stop It?

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05 novembre 2018
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What on earth is that incessant high pitched tone in your ear? Or is it in both ears? No, you aren't losing it, but you have gained a new companion. Tinnitus aka ringing in the ears. The good news is that tinnitus is a symptom of another problem. The bad news is that you have another problem and discovering what that problem is the key to your tinnitus cure. Here's some help to get you started to recovery.

Anyone of any age can suffer from tinnitus, ear ringing, but folks over 40 tend to have it more than do younger people. It won't take long for that pounding boom bass-in-a-car-trunk to catch up with them. Their bad treatment of their ears will eventually take its toll. Ringing in the ears can worsen as a sufferer progresses in age.

The first, most important thing that you need to understand is that you are not alone and you are not crazy. Tinnitus is a very real condition. Millions of people suffer from it on a daily basis. My Dad actually thought he was going senile. Frankly, I did too with his insistence that there was some machine running in the house all day long.

Many people suffer their entire life with tinnitus and never realize there is a solution. Many do not even know there is an actual term for their condition.

"Tinnitus" is derived from Latin and means "ringing." The medical definition of tinnitus is that the term refers to hearing noises in your ears when there is no outside source of the sounds.

You may hear bells ringing, a horn blowing, a roaring ocean, a bug buzzing, hissing, sizzling steaks(no steaks though), humming, whistling, or engines running. Ever hear air escape out of a tire? What about water running in the sink constantly, the noise of the ocean in a sea shell - but there is no sea shell and no ocean!

If there wasn't any external source causing the noise then you are experiencing tinnitus. So much for just ringing in the ears.

Chronic tinnitus is very debilitating to victims. Typically it can cause you to lose sleep which causes you to perform poorly at your job. You may be short with family and loved ones. All of this contributes to stress, which in turn fires up chemical imbalances in your auditory system. A self perpetuation vicious cycle of tinnitus induced stress that ends up contributing to ear ringing noises.

No wonder you are searching out a cure for tinnitus. Here's the catch. The ringing in your ears is a symptom of another underlying condition. The degree to which you hear these noises and the persistence of the condition is directly related to the physical problem leading to tinnitus.

Mild attacks of ear ringing may occur after attending a loud rock concert or after hours listening to the sound effects of an outdoor fireworks display. Chronic (persistent) tinnitus can be brought on by routine exposure to occupational or environmental noises.

You may feel that the damage is done and there is not hope for a tinnitus cure. The term 'cure' may be too strong, but you can take steps to help your body fight off tinnitus and diminish the ear ringing.

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